Choosing your new car can and should be a very exciting time. With a changing landscape for car sales, how, where and what to buy should be considered carefully. We have over thirty years of car retail experience and can help navigate through this complex process.

From time to time we do offer cars for sale. It is a smaller part of what we do. Unlike most sales outlets, we carefully select, drive and take the time to understand the cars we do offer for sale. Generally sourced from our own list of service clients or individually selected through trusted chosen corporate partners, all the cars we do offer for sale will only be offered following our understanding of their quality, provenance and value. Car sales is a difficult market and it should be well researched before purchase.

We take great care to describe in detail all the cars we offer for sale with a comprehensive video overview.  We will endeavour to describe with balance, all the appropriate points that should be considered when making a purchase decision. We have been professionally motor trading for over thirty years and pride ourselves on a personal and indivudual purchase experience.

Please contact us should you need clarity in relation to any aspects of car purchase. If we can’t satisfy your enquiry first time, be sure that we will go and find the answers and feedback at the earliest opportunity.