Our charge for time

If you search long and hard enough, somebody, somewhere will always do it cheaper. We use parts that match the quality of the manufacturer’s original equipment and that are sourced from trusted suppliers. We will not fit parts that we DO NOT supply and we don’t and won’t buy from eBay or unknown internet sites. Our parts nearly always come with two years warranty but please ask if you are unsure. We are competitive but definitely not the cheapest. If you think we are too expensive, then just consider how expensive it may get when you ask an amateur, a friend, or worse still, you try to google the solution for yourself. Often, the internet, You Tube, chat groups or forums which mainly at best host opinions can and often do get it wrong and as garage professionals there is nothing worse than being told how to fix the problem, or that it is just a two minute job. No two minute job EVER takes two minutes!

All of our time includes FREE home or local workplace collection and return delivery and a clean car on completion (worth on average £20 plus at the local carwash). You will also save many hours of valuable time when you instruct us. Our popular Mot testing package is probably the best in the city.

As your wise Nan used to say, buy cheap, buy twice…

  • Mot Testing £54.85
  • Vehicle service from £180
  • Diagnostic reporting from £90 (may be required following the Mot test)
  • Air conditioning service from £84 (R134A refrigerant)
  • Tyres, brakes, battery, fluid changes, exhausts and wheel balancing are all vehicle and model and/or engine size specific, so please call us as prices will vary.
  • All costings are subject to VAT at the current rate, with the exception of the Mot test which is VAT exempt.
  • Please call us free on 0333 900 2404 or book using the Contact Us page at the top of the page.

Our time (Labour rate)

Most busy people will know that time is money. We are no exception and justifiably charge out all our time. We are an after sales business.

Our hourly rate is charged at £100 per hour plus VAT at the current rate. This hourly rate takes into account advice, guidance, further investigations with manufacturer’s technical teams, telephone calls, letter/email writing, WhatsApp messaging, text messaging, FaceTime or video feedback and dispute resolution along with any other reasonable disbursements. This list is not exhaustive and an enquiry should be made if you are unsure. Our service is niche and is not the industry normal.



When safety repairs are reported and recommended and for whatever reason, are not carried out, we might not be able to drive your car back to you. In this unlikely event, you will need to organise your own vehicle collection at your own cost. It is unfair to ask us to drive vehicles on the public highway with known faults. Driving with known, reported faults will almost certainly put everybody at risk and more likely INVALIDATE INSURANCE COVER. Call us if you are unsure. We reserve this right and will mark all paperwork WARNING/DANGEROUS.